Friday, 27 February 2009

Another distraction!

This week I was going to write something worthy about what makes a good short story. However, events overtook me and yesterday I took delivery of my mother's old piano. I was so excited. It's been over four years since she died and I've wanted to move the piano here since then, but haven't quite got round to it due to practical and emotional reasons. This year I decided it was time. I've been itching to play the piano again for years now. I had lessons as a teenager and reached the dizzy heights of achieving The London College of Music Grade 5 in theory and practical. I'm horribly out of practice now, though.

Anyway, after a few phone calls and a very efficient removal company (GP Removals) in Leamington Spa, I saw Mum's beloved piano being taken off the back of the removal van. It was an emotional moment. And exciting! I watched nervously as the removal men negotiated the tricky turn in our extension, upending the piano to get it into 'the music room' (sounds very grand, but it isn't!). Finally it was in place and I couldn't wait for them to leave so that I could play.

I unpacked a large box of Mum's sheet music and found some of the pieces I used to play. The only one I could remember well was Beethoven's Fur Elise. I struggled through it, but I did enjoy playing it. I was surprised to find that the piano wasn't terribly out of tune, but later in the day once the central heating had got going, a few notes were sticking and not sounding. I hope the piano tuner (or someone) can sort it out.

Now I'm contemplating refresher lessons. Yes, I'm that enthused. The writing? Oh, that can wait!!


Suzanne said...

I so envy your ability to play the piano.

Jan Jones said...

Fabulous, Jo. I hope the piano tuner can adjust it for the central heating and you rediscover the joy of playing again.

Sally Zigmond said...

What an emotional experience for you, Jo, both happy and sad. And you never told me you could play the piano. You think you know someone and then they go and surprise you!

Penny said...

Wonderful move, Jo! If of any use, would perhaps suggest a small saucer of water inside the works? Central heating and pianos def do not mix!

Ours finally had to go 'free to a good home' [playgroup] and we now have a smaller keyboard instead. But playing music is the best anti-stress measure I know!

Jo said...

Thanks, Penny, for the advice about the small saucer of water. I'll try it. I didn't know you played as well. You're right, it's a great anti-stress measure! Sally, I thought you knew I played piano. I guess it just never came up in conversation!

Sue said...

Hi Jo, glad you have the piano - I am trying to learn without much success but very much enjoy having a go. It is a great passer of time though so I understand the problem with it being a distraction! At least it is vaguely creative :-)