Monday, 23 March 2009

A Small Success

The post on Saturday brought two rejections from Woman's Weekly. I'd been waiting weeks for a response. I have two more stories with them, so fingers crossed for those.

The same post brought a small success. My story, My Mate Stanley, was shortlisted in The Lichfield & District Writers Competition, for which I received a nice certificate. This is the first success I've had in weeks, so it was very welcome and a great motivator. The adjudicator was kind enough to give me some feedback on my story (free of charge) so I know where to improve it. Sadly, the 2008 competition will be their last.


Sue said...

Well done on that small success Jo. Often the small ones turn out to be significant, if only to boost our morale. Keep going! x

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Jo. Well done and keep going. Anna would love top hear from you. We spoke yesterday and they are all well, though she is very busy!

Jan Jones said...

Commiserations on the rejections (I had one myself from TaB last week), but pick them over and send 'em off again.

Congrats on the shortlisting. Little victories lift the soul.

Joanna said...

Best of luck with Woman's Weekly. I'm sure you will succeed.