Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Yellow Room Spring Short Story Competition Shortlist

Here is the shortlist for the competition which closed on 31st March 2010:

(Listed alphabetically by author)
And the Housemartins Leave The Sky by D. Bruton
Ten O’Clock to Balham by Joanna Campbell
Before Last Wednesday by Joanna Campbell
The Way of It by Sara Crowley
Watercress Makes A Meal by Rachel Crowther
Bone Structure by Rachel Crowther
Cala Di Volpe by Rachel Crowther
Miss Lacey Takes Her Tights Off by Bea Davenport
Painting Pebbles by Joanne Fox
Drunk On A Feeling by Lisa Fox
The Auction by T Greenwood
The Red Candle by Christine Howe
Only Connect by Jenny Knight
The Adventure Park by Jenny Knight
A Language of Trees by Julie Ann Lee
The Elgin Villas Venus by Julie Ann Lee
Silver In The 21st Century by Carol Rogers

The winning entry in the Short Circuit Prize for the best story under 800 words went to 'The Taste of Love' by Joanna Campbell.

My next job is to read through the huge pile of submissions sent in. Apologies to those who have been waiting a long time for a response.

I have been working hard on my crime novel, but there's still a long way to go! Keeping the faith is the hardest bit, at the moment!

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