Monday, 17 August 2009

The People's Book Prize - Vote Now!

Wannabe a Writer by Jane Wenham-Jones is one of the best and more humorous books on writing I've read. My previous magazine, QWF, gets a few mentions and a lot of friends have contributed. I'm proud to say that QWF was the first magazine to publish one of Jane's stories. Even if you haven't read the book (and you should!), then please read the following and vote. Jane needs our support.

Wannabe a Writer? by Jane Wenham-Jones has been nominated for the People's Book Prize in the non-fiction section, for July. Each monthly winner goes forward to a grand final in 2010. Readers can vote for one book in each section at and voting for July closes at the end of August. You have to register first but it's only a name and an email address and then you'll be sent a password - to stop multiple voting, presumably. It only takes a minute or two and Jane will be immensely grateful for all support.

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John Ravenscroft said...

Well, she got my vote. Jo.