Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What a summer!

I still haven't quite got my breath back after a very hectic summer. It's been busy, but fun. The children and I have done a lot of visiting, walking and socialising generally. The summer seems to have passed in a whirlwind of activity. You get the idea?

Megan went back to school yesterday and Matt goes back tomorrow. It was wonderful to get back into some sort of routine and I feel I've already made inroads into the huge pile of tasks on my list.

I have a pile of Yellow Room submissions to read; competition entries to log and read; Issue 3 of The Yellow Room to get ready for typesetting; website to update; Wannabe writing exercise to set; lots of clutter clearing to do; ironing; cleaning; Matt's school shoes to buy (got to do that this afternoon!); teach Matt to make a cottage pie, which I promised him I'd do during the summer holidays. You name it and it's probably on my list. And then there's the novel. It has been put on the back burner once more, but only for a few days.

I was clearing some clutter in the office today when I came across two boxes full of old QWFs. I have stacks of Issues 47-49, competition anthology, Dust of Time, and several other issues as well. If you'd like a bundle (850g worth), then please send a cheque for £3.25 and I can post them first class (cheques made payable to J M Derrick). Send to: 1 Blake Close, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7LJ.

I hope to blog more regularly from now on!

Don't forget to enter The Yellow Room Short Story Competition, closing 30th September. Details are on the website: www.theyellowroom-magazine.co.uk


John Ravenscroft said...

Was that really posted at 2.57 a.m. Jo? If so, your sleep patterns are even worse than mine!

I'm glad you plan to blog more frequently. I like reading your posts.

Jo said...

No, I didn't post this at 2.57am! I'm usually asleep by 12 at the latest... well, unless it's Saturday night! I do worry about blogging in that I don't seem to have anything very interesting to say!

Allie said...

I've had a summer like that too. Life with children never seems to have any space in it, does it?

I'm looking forward to some more routine and getting back to regular writing slots. At least now my children are older they can amuse themselves a bit more. Sometimes they're off writing too, which is rather lovely.

Very much looking forward to seeing issue 3 and wondering if I have a story for your next competition. But I'm trying to plough on with my novel (yeek! first time I've admitted that is what it really is!) at the moment. I've never written anything longer than 5000 words before and I'm not sure if I can do it.