Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I'm back!

I decided today that I’ve been silent for far too long. 
The long and short of it is I needed a break from writing and the magazine while I concentrated on getting things in order on the domestic front and getting my head in the right place to move onwards and upwards.
I find I often need space in which to chill out, relax, rest and think, think, think. I often get to a bad place and need to pull myself out of it in my own sweet way. The result is often a re-energised self. I now feel ready to tackle Issue 5 of The Yellow Room and to prepare it for print. I’m also back to the novel, which, I feel, always benefits from the time away. I’ve been catching up on reading submissions the past couple of days and sending out those dreaded rejection letters. I’ve accepted very few this time. I do have a few more to read.
I was also feeling overwhelmed on the book front. I had a huge declutter recently and sent a lot of books to the charity shop (some unread!). I still have hundreds left, but have decided to adopt a new ‘100 page’ rule. If I’m not enjoying a book by the time I get to Page 100, I will close it and then off to the charity shop it goes.
I’m currently reading Joanne Harris’s The Lollipop Shoes. It very nearly didn’t make it and just redeemed itself in time.