Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Yellow Room Spring Competition 2012 Results

I apologise for not keeping up-to-date with both the blog and the website, but I've been up to my eyes in novel revisions, as I've been approached by an agent asking to see it. This is all very exciting, but I'm not holding my breath. The Jubilee Celebrations almost passed me by as I was lost in 1972; Corona pop, platform soles, loon pants, glam rock, gruesome murders and family secrets.

I did briefly attend a village street party in the pouring rain on Sunday, as my son and two of his friends performed a few numbers in the afternoon. I'm also halfway through watching The Jubilee Concert, which I recorded last night. I thought Tom Jones stood out as being one of the most talented and entertaining artists of the evening. Robbie didn't do too badly either! As for Grace Jones and that hula hoop. Wow, that lady has stamina!

Finally, the results of the 2012 Yellow Room Spring Competition. The standard of entry was high this time, and I chose the top three based on their amazing use of language and ability to make me feel present at the scene. There were 121 entries in total.

The final results of The Yellow Room Short Story Competition 2012

1st Moonhorses by Eryl Samuel
2nd No Consequence by Joanna Campbell
3rd Paper Chaste by Diane E. Tatlock

The following are Highly Commended:
4th Playing For Alex by Deirdre Palmer
5th The Girl With The Bright Yellow Plait and The Boy With Blue Eyes by Mandy Huggins
6th Chipped and Wandering by Jeda Pearl
7th Maria's Silence - Carly Holmes