Wednesday, 30 July 2008

On The Beach in Birmingham!

No, I haven’t gone mad. Yesterday afternoon the children and I were walking in the centre of Birmingham, having visited The Sea Life Centre, and came across a beach complete with deckchairs, buckets and spades and a beach bar. Megan was desperate to start making sandcastles while Matthew and I sat in deckchairs watching the world go by.

I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday. I think it was the result of a poor night’s sleep. I had a niggling headache most the day and the last thing I felt like doing was driving down the M6 and into the centre of Birmingham. But, I’d promised Megan a trip to the Sea Life Centre and she was so excited about it, I couldn’t let her down. She'd been swatting up the night before, reading her 'Animals Who Live in the Ocean' book. Once we were inside the Sea Life Centre, she took one look in the tanks and told me what the fish were. Very knowledgable. I was impressed!

Last night I did the final judging for the Novel Beginnings competition. It wasn’t too difficult in the end, as there was a clear winner. I knew as soon as I read the entry. A clear, concise writing style, a smattering of humour, creating a desire in the reader for more. Now I have to write the dreaded judge’s report!


Rachel Green said...

How super!
Was it a temporary project?

Jo said...

Yes, I think it was a temporary project. It was in Chamberlaine Square. Here's the link:'m pretty sure they have an ice rink there in the winter.

Rachel Green said...

How super!

I know Chamberlain square well indeed.

Sally Zigmond said...

My, what a fine young man Matthew is! I hardly recognised him.