Friday, 15 August 2008

Twycross Zoo and A Mountain of Ironing!

I've just got time for a quick post before we head off on holiday this afternoon. We're staying overnight tonight in Kendal (M6 on a Friday afternoon.. are we mad?), then travelling on to Muasdale in Kintyre tomorrow. I hope the weather stays fine. There's nothing worse than travelling in the rain.

Talking of rain.... we braved the weather and ventured forth to Twycross Zoo on Tuesday. It's a trip we make at least once a year and brings back fond memories for me, as I used to live about seven miles from there. Matthew was meeting a girl he'd met on the Internet via the home educated children's message board. He looked pale and nervous as we splashed our way down the A5 and A444. I'm pleased to say they got on like a house on fire. Could this be girlfriend Number 2? Her mother was also lovely. We left the 'lovebirds' to wander round on their own. Megan was busy drawing animals in her notebook, no doubt storing up information for when she's a qualified vet (yes, I know she's only 6, but you have start somewhere).

For the rest of the week I've been doing load after load of washing, telling everyone that if they wanted something washing for the holiday now was the time to add it to the load. Last night at 10pm my dear husband complained that his 'chilling out shorts' were getting a bit 'cheesy' and did I know where his spare ones were. Aargh!!

Thank goodness for Ipods. I'd never get through the ironing without it!

Finally, I have two more stories to proofread before emailing the first issue of The Yellow Room to the typesetter later this morning (better get cracking!). I can't see it being ready to mail out before October, however. These things take time, as Morrissey once sang.

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