Thursday, 21 January 2010

In the Zone!

I'm going great guns on the novel at the moment and I'm about halfway through. The hardest thing is writing those first few words each day. Once I've written a few sentences, then I'm off and it's all fine. Then I don't want to stop and get frustrated when domestic duties beckon or when the family needs me. I don't write very well first thing. My optimum time for writing is mid-afternoon from about 3 o'clock onwards, which is a nuisance, as I have to collect Megan from school and give her some love and attention once she's home. I then find I'm writing up a storm while the tea is cooking! Another good time for me to write is between 7pm and 8pm. Again, I have to stop to deal with Megan's bath and bedtime. However, I think knowing that I have a limited time spurs me on to write as much as I can and to write faster.

I have now sold out of Issue 3. I didn't get enough printed, obviously. The orders have been coming in thick and fast. I'll have to get another fifty of the next issue printed. Talking of the next issue, I'm about to start choosing stories and proofreading them ready for typesetting, so do send in those readers' letters, as I have only one at the moment!

The next Yellow Room competition closes on 31st March. Entries have started to trickle in already. Vanessa Gebbie has kindly donated a signed copy of Short Circuit, an invaluable guide for short story writers. This prize will go to the best story under 800 words. Details will appear on the website very soon.

I'm off to write some more crime!


Oldrightie said...

I see great things on the horizon!

Sophie Playle said...

Damn! Issue 3 is sold out? I was just waiting til payday (Monday) to buy it! I shoulda got there quicker!

Lorna F said...

Great to hear that your writing is going well, Jo! Ironic, though, that your best writing times are when domesticity has rival claims. Wishing you continued high productivity levels! I'm off now to add The Yellow Room to my Facebook friends. Lorna