Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Yellow Room Autumn Short Story Competition Shortlist 2010

 There was a total of 81 entries. 16 entries were shortlisted.

Carol Wolrich - The Golden Arch
Frances Gow - Shaking up With Al
Nicola Warwick - The Wounds That Words Make
Nina Milton - The Ultramarine Dress
Joanna Campbell - Half-Price Mondays with Helene
Stephen McQuiggan - Vinny Grasps The Nettle
Jackie Richardson - Frontline
Rebecca Lawrence - The History Of The Skies
Tracy Fells - Keep Turning Right
Allie Rogers - Like  A Great Black Chess Piece
Harriet Simpson - The Battle of Hatpin Folly
Sharon Birch - Blueprint for Murder
Ann Amari - Communication Skills
Eithne Nightingale - Google
Eithne Nightingale - Foucault Over The Garden Fence
Ruby McCann - Recognition

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo - congrats to all the winners - all very worthy I am sure. Just got Issue 5 of the magazine - love the cover and looking forward to reading all the goodies inside.