Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Where does the time go?

Okay, so I'm supposed to be typesetting the first issue of The Yellow Room. And what am I doing? Writing this. I've spent most of today updating my website (www.theyellowroom-magazine.co.uk). Why are these things so time-consuming? There are still mistakes, so more work needs to be done. Sigh. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Now it's off for a shower and then to collect my daughter from school. Then all hell breaks loose and there's no chance whatsoever that I'll be able to concentrate on anything other than cooking tea. Am I the only wife/mother who craves solitude for days on end and then feels guilty for even thinking such a thing?


Sue said...

Jo, what a great idea! I've long thought you should do a blog - well done and the best of luck to you! I'll look forward to all your literary (and other) news. All the best.

Zoe King said...

Yes you are the only one. Every other wife/mother in the land is totally devoted to her family and puts them before her and her writing on every conceivable occasion.
Prrrrft! Jo, you NEED solitude, if it's only so that you can find time to do the typesetting you're supposed to be doing. I'm waiting for my copy of The Yellow Room!

Well done on the blog.

Zoe xxx