Monday, 12 January 2009

Some welcome publicity.

The February issue of Writers News is out now with a small feature on The Yellow Room. I've sold several copies of Issue 1 as a result of this piece already. I expect I'll now be swamped with submissions as well, but I do welcome a bit more exposure. I'm getting so sick of seeing that photo of myself. I must get a different one done!

I'm frantically trying to complete a 1,000 word short story for the Writers' Forum/Woman's Weekly competition. I've been editing a story most of the morning and it now stands at 1,300 words. I have to get it down to 1,000 by 3pm so I can get it in the post. I don't rate my chances.


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Hope you managed to catch the post and good luck with your entry.

Well done on the publicity front and your photo's lovely. I've not been brave enough to upload one yet - need to lose a couple of chins first.

Lorna F said...

Hi Jo - I noticed this piece in Writers News and was very pleased for you - hope it leads to more people submitting to the magazine (I keep wanting to call it QWF!) even though it means more work for you. It's a good photo too! Good luck with the story you've just written. :)