Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Getting Back to Normal

I vowed to get back to my normal routine today, as it was the children's first day back at school. Then I noticed I had a dental appointment at 10.2oam, which threw a spanner in the works. I decided I'd walk into town thereby getting the exercise out of the way at the same time. I really enjoyed the walk, although it was very slippy underfoot and I had a permanent drip at the end of my nose.

I confess I haven't done any writing today. I'm rather cross with myself, as I chose to do some ironing for half an hour instead. I did begin one job I'd promised to do, though, and that was to start choosing the stories for Issue 2 of The Yellow Room. I really enjoy this process, as I know the stories are well written and will fit the magazine, as they've already been accepted. I just need to refresh my memory as to their theme and content and see which stories fit together to give readers a decent selection. I like to choose a variety of word length and theme to maintain readers' interest. It's interesting how some stories seem to get better on second, third or even fourth readings.

I must write tomorrow! I have so many ideas scribbled down in my notebook and other stories to finish and edit.

Now I must perfect my smile to show off the wonderful dental work on my front teeth.

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