Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Behind Again!

It's half term this week, so normal service has been disrupted. I'm so behind with everything.

I still have to read another twenty or so Yellow Room competition entries, then I can put the shortlist up on the website. I have two pieces to comment on on the Wannabe site. I also have a rather large pile of submissions to read and give feedback on.

My printer has run out of ink yet again. I'm sure there's something wrong with it. You wouldn't believe how quickly it gets through ink cartridges and I don't do that much printing!
For this reason, please could writers submitting work to The Yellow Room not send an SAE, but an email address I can reply to instead?

The photo here is 'Underneath Southwold Pier' by Dave Derrick. The lighthouse photo was also by Dave Derrick. I keep getting into trouble for not crediting him!

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Jan Jones said...

Another lovely photo. Hope his feet didn't get too wet while taking it!

I'm constantly running to catch up, me.