Monday, 1 June 2009

Spring Competition Shortlist

Just a quick entry today to let you know the 12 shortlisted entries in The Yellow Room Short Story Competition, which closed on 20th March. I've listed them in order of entry number.

Wargeld by Linda Gruchy
Games by Tom J Vowler
Bugs by Shirley Wright
Wendy Gets The All Clear by Penelope Overton
Angel by Nemone Thornes
A Very Suitable Table by Ginny Sewart
Matoose Rowsay by Jenny Knight
Significant Others by Jenny Knight
Raptures in Apple Custard by Allie Rogers
No-One by Jane Burke
Reading With Robert by Evalyn Lee
Emergency Call by Evalyn Lee

Can I also say, 'Get Well Soon!' to Sally Zigmond, who is in hospital at the moment with a broken leg. At least it gives her a good excuse to do lots of reading!

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