Thursday, 14 May 2009

Duvet Day

Those graze boxes couldn't have been that healthy, as I've had a stinking cold for the past two days. Yesterday was Matthew's fourteenth birthday, so I tried hard to get into the spirit of it and celebrate in the usual way. However, today I've spent most of the time underneath the duvet on the settee with the TV and a good book. I haven't had a bad cold for over year, so I guess I'm well overdue for one. I don't like the enforced disruption being ill entails. I can't exercise, can't concentrate enough to even read submissions or competition entries or to write. Boo hoo! Megan has a friend round to play this evening, so I'm hoping they'll be good and I won't have to do very much apart from put some chicken nuggets in the oven. There are times when I just have to resort to junk food for the kids' tea!

Hopefully, I'll stop feeling sorry for myself soon and normal service will be resumed next week.


Sue said...

All good wishes for a speedy recovery Jo :-) xxx

Sally Zigmond said...

Get well soon, Jo. I find a bed time hot toddy does the trick: lemon juice, honey just-boiling water and a generous slug of whisky chased down with a couple of paracetamol (or aspirin or ibuprofen.)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Jo.