Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A New Chapter

Life feels good today. It's one of those rare moments when I feel everything is in balance. I'm going to savour the moment, because it doesn't happen very often.

I've been working on my novel this week and for the first time I really feel as if I'm getting somewhere. The turning point came when I realised how much I love reading crime fiction and that it's my favourite genre. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who regularly tune into those serial killer documentaries on TV. My characters have been trying to steer me into murder territory for some time and at first I resisted. Now I've allowed them to go their own way, the writing is flowing much more easily.

I've discovered I'm one of those writers who can keep almost a whole novel in their head. I develop ideas and flesh out my characters in my mind well before I write anything down. It's all 'up there' and just needs transferring onto paper. That's the hard bit, I find!

The exercise is still going well and physically I feel great too. I ran round the local reservoir again on Monday evening, was faster and it felt more comfortable. I'm now alternating running days with toning exercises, which feels about right. I've also got the food thing back under control, thank goodness, and the pounds are dropping off again. This all adds to my sense of well being. Why I can't be like this all the time, I don't know! I guess we all need periods of rest and reflection to get to a better place. Those duvet days served a purpose.


Jan Jones said...

So glad you're feeling good again.

I love that photo!

Jo said...

Thanks, Jan.

The photo is of the lighthouse at Southwold.

Anonymous said...

You can keep a whole novel in your head? Wow, I'm impressed. Especially if it's something complex like a crime thriller. I have to plot like crazy and map everything out - still doing that for one of my books.

I love lighthouses. There's something fascinating and slightly spooky about them. Maybe I've watched too many horror films.

Good luck with the fitness regime. I'm on one myself, as I have a half-marathon coming up soon.

Jo said...

Good luck with the half marathon, Captain. I have seen your exercise on Wannabe Workout site, but just getting round to commenting....

Sally Zigmond said...

Jo: I'm thrilled that a light has suddenly shone on where you want to go with your writing. Is that the significance of the lighthouse? I love lighthouses and have always wanted to live in one--or a windmill. I don't know why because I hate climbing stairs!Can't wait to read the finished product, by the way. I hope it's not too gory.