Wednesday, 27 April 2011

All or Nothing Thinking

When I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s either because I’ve been busy writing something else or because apathy has set in again. I have bouts when I lack motivation to do anything other than read, run and get through the domestic necessities. 
I had a bout of serious writing until the children broke up for Easter, then it all went out of the window, despite my best intentions. I spent most of last week in the gorgeous Lincolnshire Fens with my daughter, staying with my favourite aunt. I took my notebook, but didn’t write a thing. I blame the wine my aunt plied me with! I then got into holiday mode and found it difficult to get out of again. I did, however, do two lovely runs down the Fens.
I’ve discovered that one of the problems I have is prioritising. I don’t think I shall ever overcome this. Do I prioritise different things on different days? Should I just go with the flow and see where this takes me? 
I was doing very well with my list making, but let it lapse and stopped making those lists. Having a task list each day was an excellent motivator for me, but I think the long list of tasks became too overwhelming and I gave up.
I’m very much an all-or-nothing person and this goes for practically every aspect of my life. I’m not very good at chipping away at things, a little bit at a time. I either have to go great guns or not bother at all. 
My one regret is that I don’t prioritise my writing. I’m not sure why I don’t do this. Once I get started, I love it and find it difficult to stop, but it’s getting started that is so very difficult! 
Even my ‘write for 15 minutes as soon as I get up’ has gone by the board.
Oh dear, this is a negative post! 
On a more positive note, then, I’m pleased that today I have done some gardening for the first time this year (shocking, I know!), have completed a 3 mile run and have written this blog. Will that do for now?


Suzi Wiiliams' Write Time said...
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Suzi Wiiliams' Write Time said...

It's very difficult to have structure with family on holiday. I wouldn't beat yourself up about it Jo. They do say half an hour a day is better than nothing. I get bad days with chronic heath problems, and so a routine is very difficult for me. My family is grown up now. So my problem is the same, yet different.
You'll get there in the end. Keep smiling. :)

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Prioritising is great in theory but not so hot in practise. I too make lists but the rule is I only have to do complete two or three things on my list (or what seems reasonable given time constraints. The others get put on a new list for the following day but they are now nearer the top! Lists are also ways to remind you that things are outstanding and not to forget them. I don't think you need to be so hard on yourself - family time and leisure time have to come in soemwhere and ultimately they can get prioritised too! At least you've written up your blog! See, that's progress...
Good luck with your writing.

JohnMac said...

Jo, welcome to the human race ;).

Kath McGurl said...

I get like that, but what do is try to write 'a bit' every day. I tell myself 100 words will do, and come on, how hard is that? Invariably 100 turns into at least 500 and the novel grows.

But it's ok to allow yourslef time off as well, and don't beat yourself up about it. Just set a date (after all these pesky bank holidays!) on which you will start writing again.

I must take my own advice too. A lingering cold put paid to my running about a month ago, and being on holiday has stopped my writing. BOTH will restart NEXT WEEK.

Debs Towers-Best said...

I'm beginning to think that we as women especially beat ourselves up far too much over supposedly not doing enough. My conclusion is always to savour the special moments-those times you spent in the Fens with your Aunt are precious. You may not have been 'productive' per se but they were moments that will remain in your memory and hers for ever.