Monday, 23 May 2011

The Yellow Room Spring Short Story Competition Shortlist

Despite me saying repeatedly that I'm going to update this blog regularly, I don't! Most of the time, it's because I don't think I have anything worth saying. However, today I drew up the shortlist for The Yellow Room Spring Competition, which is something to shout about. I'll be re-reading these stories over the next week and choosing the top three.

The Girl in Red Shoes by Jo Carroll
The Billet-Doux by Gill Blow
Enduring the Sun by Shirley Golden
Tear Analysis by Joanne Fox
A Night Out by Sharon Birch
The Real Deal by Tracy Fells
Free Running by Jenny Roman
Trauma At The Gym by Di Horsfield
How Strange This Life Is by Michael Ross
A Few Vital Minutes by Sarah Barr
This Beautiful Day by Elizabeth Xifaras
A Teacher’s Tale by Ali Loconte
Telling Javier by Jocelyn Kaye
There were 99 entries in total.

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