Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Yellow Room Competition Shortlist

I've finally drawn up the shortlist for the first Yellow Room Competition which closed on 30th September.

Here are the shortlisted entries in alphabetical order of entrant:

Emerald Cufflinks by Polly Card

Return Ticket by Michele Darnell-Roberts

The Rain In Spain by Oliver Eade

Let's Change Loving by Amanda Field

Hunting by Rona Frith

A Present for Mummy by Judy Hodson

The Day Kennedy Died by Sue Johnson

The Beads of Change by Julie Ann Lee

Colouring In by Suzie Lockhart-Smith

Changing by Jenny Morris

Such Terrible Devotion by Dorothy Schwarz

Monopoly by Lucy Smith

Where I'd Rather Be by Sarah Steele

At the Laundrette by Sarah Steele

Sunflowers in the Ukraine by Lynne Voyce

Nina and the Fish by Jo Waterworth

Being Human by Jo Waterworth

The Hardest Stone by Elizabeth Wells

I hope to announce the winners in the next week. Watch this space! Good luck to all.

1 comment:

Jane Smith said...

Jo, a friend of mine is on that shortlist! I won't tell you who it is but I'll now be watching even more closely, to see who wins. Fingers crossed.