Thursday, 11 December 2008

More positive news!

I'm feeling slightly more cheerful today, despite being very busy wrapping and posting several presents for relatives and friends who live further afield.

This afternoon I found out that my story, Lady Killers, had been shortlisted in the WriteLink Xmas Chillers Competition. There were 100 entries and 27 were shortlisted (includes the winning stories).

My writing hasn't gone well this week, as I've just been too busy. I still haven't finished the 3,000 word story I started on Tuesday and I doubt whether I'll have a spare moment tomorrow. There's always next week! In the meantime I must finish writing my Christmas cards!


Anonymous said...

It's a busy time of year. No need to beat yourself up about lack of writing. I think we're all slowing down a bit this month.

Jan Jones said...

Blimey, Jo, I haven't even written my Christmas card list!

Penny A said...

Good news on the shortlisting!