Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A busy week!

It has been one of those weeks when housework, shopping and present wrapping have taken precedence. I've done a tiny bit of writing in that I've started a new womag story inspired by a comment a friend made on Monday night. I still haven't finished the story I started last week. I am very good at starting stories, but hopeless at writing endings!
I've been exercising a fair bit and will continue to do so over Christmas, as my jeans are already tighter than they were in the summer! Tonight I'm off out for a meal at a local bistro with my two 'walking' friends. I'm just hoping I'm not too hungover tomorrow, as I have to be at the Farmers' Market for 9am to collect my meat order and then have to be at my Cardio Box class by 10.30am.
I've been doing cleaning and housework this week. A bit anyway. More than I usually do, which is to just put the vacuum round. This is in preparation for any visitors who might call in. My friend has already said she's coming for lunch on Friday, so that's given me a bit more incentive. I keep promising myself I'll give the bedrooms a good clear out but never seem to get round to it. Megan's room is so full of toys I really don't know how we'll fit any more in.
We've spent far too much on the children this year, mainly because Matthew said he wanted a long leather coat. A mere snip at £143.95! And I couldn't just give him that and nothing else, could I? Then I felt I had to spend as much on Megan to make things fair. Oh well, at least Christmas Day will be fun. The best bit for me is watching the children opening their presents.
There are still a few copies of The Yellow Room #1 left. I haven't received many votes on the stories, which is a shame. In fact, I haven't had much feedback in general, which is a bit worrying! Once January is here, I must get started on Issue 2. Very exciting!
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2009. I may not have chance to blog again now before the new year.


Penny A said...

Jo - Please keep one of Yellow Room 1 for me and group...meant to do this *ages* ago, but will send asap and hope it gets through for New Year.

Sue said...

Hi Jo! Happy New Year to you and look forward to hearing your news again soon... Hope you had a good Christmas. I ate far too much! x