Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Yellow Room Competition Results

I've finally got round to the final judging of The Yellow Room Competition. I found it very hard to choose between the stories which came second and third. So much so, that I awarded a joint third prize. I hope to publish at least some of these stories in a future issue of The Yellow Room. The winning story will be published in the second issue. It really stood out from the crowd for me.
1st Prize - At The Launderette by Sarah Barr
2nd Prize - Let's Change Loving by Amanda Field
Joint 3rd Prize - Colouring In by Suzie Lockhart-Smith
Such Terrible Devotion by Dorothy Schwarz
I've been busy writing again today. I started a new story this morning and had managed over 2,000 words by lunchtime. This has made me feel much better because yesterday I didn't achieve very much at all, writing or editing-wise. I think I'm going to miss my target of submitting four stories this week, but if I can get two new ones written, then I'll be happy.
Christmas is interfering with so much already. I must go into town tomorrow and buy the last of the presents. I also need to finish writing the Christmas cards this week. I haven't even thought about buying a tree and decorating it yet. We usually leave that until the last minute. It's also Megan's Christmas play tomorrow. A nativity-type thing again. She's a cow this year (she was a donkey last year). She also has a speaking part, bizarrely enough! My dear mother-in-law made her costume, which looks great. It cost me slightly less than last year's, which was £16. I spent £10 on material and a bit of elastic. I'm sure the school could recycle last year's costumes, so we didn't have to fork out every year. Okay, just call me Scrooge!
I've had a week of losing things, which is so annoying. Last week it was the padlock to the locker at the gym (which cost me a fiver!!) and this week we've lost Megan's school sweatshirt. I'm sure I was carrying it when we came out of school yesterday, but must have dropped it, as I can't find it anywhere. I'm berating myself that I didn't notice. My only excuse for my absent-mindedness is that I'm so busy thinking about plots and characters, that there's little room for anything else!
Wasn't it icy this morning? Some of the roads round here were lethal. The gritters hadn't gone out last night and certainly hadn't gritted the main road on the estate where Megan's school is. It was like an ice rink. Fortunately, Nige phoned me to warn me how bad it was, so I left the car at home and we walked. Lots of vehicles were skidding and swerving, including the service bus, which hit the kerb. I think I made the right decision to do the 40 minute walk to school and back! What with cardio box as well this morning, I've done quite well on the exercise front again today.
Right, I'm off to finish that story!

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Sue said...

Jo I'm glad you are still alive! It's so great you've been doing some writing, I'm really pleased for you. Isn't Christmas a bummer the way it interferes with our creative lives...? Bah, humbug!