Thursday, 22 November 2012

Autumn Flash Fiction Shortlist 2012

This week I've been in 'reading mode'. This has come as a relief, as I haven't done very much reading this year. The reason for this is that I can't seem to write prolifically, if I'm reading and vice versa.

I've been immersed in Ian Rankin's latest novel, Standing In Another Man's Grave. It's great to see Rebus back in action and I think it's one of Ian's best novels to date. I've also been reading some short fiction (Dot Dash by Jonathan Pinnock) and catching up with my writing magazine reading.

Yesterday I whittled the 61 Flash Fiction entries in The Yellow Room Autumn Competition down to just 17 shortlisted stories. I'll be reading those 17 once more today and will pick the winning entries.
Here is the shortlist:

A Guide To Independence
Another Country
Carly, Love
Cleaning The Windows
Fat Girl Yawning - 1960
Good For The Soul
He Loves Me, Not
Last Chance
Miss Scarlet In The Shed
The Bridge
The Dung Beetle Race
This Year’s Colour
You Breathe

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Christina James said...

My first visit and I find a clean sheet waiting. Lovely. As a new blogger, I'm keen to see what other people do and I like this a lot. Enjoy the Rankin!