Thursday, 25 June 2009

Winners of The Yellow Room Spring Competition

Finally, I've got round to posting the winners of the Spring Competition. I just missed the deadline of June 1st, but did notify them only a few days after that. I really must keep more on top of The Yellow Room otherwise it's going to get very cluttered and chaotic.

First Prize: Emergency Call by Evalyn Lee
Second Prize: Matoose Rowsay by Jenny Knight
Third Prize: Rapture in Apple Custard by Allie Rogers
Highly Commended: Wargeld by Linda Priestley

You can read top three in the next issue of The Yellow Room, which comes out in October. I still have quite a few copies of Issue 2 left.

I must try to break my Facebook habit, but if any of you want to add me as a friend, then please do so!


BookClover said...

Jo, I just popped into your blog and I love it;-) Very interesting indeed, especially the entry about what you look for as an editor. Thanks!!

Jo said...

My pleasure, BookClover (love the name!). I don't update the blog as regularly as I should. Must write another entry tomorrow! I also seem to be so busy.